Making the Most of a Small Kitchen Space

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While there are many ways to upgrade your home, one of the more challenging things to do is make the most of limited space. Kitchens by nature possess their fair share of appliances, accessories and furniture, and attempting to include all the necessities in a smaller space can be difficult. Because of this, we’ve decided to dedicate this entire blog to providing you with a few helpful tips for optimizing a small kitchen space. If you’re looking to do this with your bathroom, fear not, as we’ll get to the bathroom edition in our next post!

Survey Your Kitchen In Its Current State

The first thing you’re going to want to do when attempting to optimize the space of a small kitchen space is to evaluate how it currently stands. Think about what you want to do in relation to space. Look at the items and appliances that you currently have. Does anything need to be repaired or replaced? Is anything in your kitchen unnecessarily big? Are there parts of your kitchen that are currently empty or unused? Answering out all of these questions will help you in moving forward, as you’ll be able to see what specifically needs to be done in order to make the most of your kitchen space.

Remove and Rearrange

After taking account of your kitchen’s current state, you can now start the optimization process by removing any items that you no longer need in there. Whether it’s mismatched dishes that are currently or no longer in use or broken appliances that need to be removed and disposed of, in a small kitchen, every bit of usable space matters. By removing these items from your kitchen, you’ll be able to see what additional space you have to work with.

After removing any unused or unnecessary items from your kitchen, you can now start to reorganize the kitchen within reason. While appliances are somewhat confined to specific areas in relation to things like power outlets, ventilation and the like, your furniture and other easily movable items can be easily rearranged to better optimize your kitchen’s space. Things like corners that sometimes have a tendency to go unused can become incredibly useful with a little bit of planning and imagination. Rearranging items in your kitchen will surprise you; even if you removed nothing, rearranging what is currently there can free up more space than you realize!

Ceilings Are Useful

More often than not, we see a lot of people not using their kitchen’s space to its full potential, instead opting to crowd the floor and only rely on the usable space that is obvious. Pots and pans can take up a fair amount of valuable cupboard real estate, real estate that could be taken up by other things that are easier to store and stack. With this in mind, your ceiling is a fantastic place to hang a pot rack from, allowing your pots and pans to hang overhead freely without taking up any additional space on the floor. Best of all, this feature adds a fun and abstract visual component to your kitchen, giving it a chic and modern aesthetic.

Shelving Can Make Up For a Lack of Cabinetry

Some of us live in homes with kitchens that don’t have enough cabinets or cabinet space to accommodate all of our kitchen related needs. This is especially frustrating for those of us with larger families, and it can be incredibly challenging to try and find space for all of our food, cooking utensils, and kitchen appliances. Fear not, however, as a lack of cabinets can be easily balanced by installing your own shelves. While floor standing shelves will inevitably take up valuable floor shelves, installing shelves into the walls of your kitchen will immediately allow you more storage space than before without taking up the small amount that you have to work with.

Cupboards Have Two Uses

Additionally, for those of you who struggle with an inadequate amount of cupboard space in your kitchen, you can optimize your cupboard space by using more than just the inside space of your kitchen cupboards. The back sides of your cupboard doors are a great way to hang and store items like measuring cups, cooking spoons or a useful whiteboard or chalkboard. Additionally, if the ceiling pot rack isn’t to your liking, you can install pegboard to the backs of your kitchen cupboards for additional storage of pots and pans.

Those are just a few ways that you can optimize the space in your small kitchen. At Kitchen Zip, we provide you with the best in kitchen and bathroom fittings to help turn your kitchen or bathroom of today into the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. For more information, browse our webstore or visit our brick and mortar store in Charlotte. We’d love to help!