Farmhouse Sinks

Choose a Farmhouse Sink for Your Kitchen

When it comes to farmhouse sinks there are many different styles and materials in which to choose. At Kitchen Zip we pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide selection of farmhouse sinks that are durable at discount, wholesale prices. Farmhouse kitchen sinks are known to be durable and wider than a standard kitchen sink. They are commonly available in clay or composite as well as stainless steel. We have the perfect stainless steel farmhouse sinks available manufactured by top brands in the industry such as Lottare and Blanco .

We Provide a Large Selection of Farmhouse Sinks

It is our pleasure to provide our customers with a large selection of farmhouse sinks, also known as an apron sink since they tend to have a panel that looks much like an apron extending over the front of the sink. This allows the sink to line up with adjacent kitchen drawers perfectly. A farmhouse sink is a great choice due to the depth it offers which helps to avoid splashing while filling pots and washing dishes. You can find the perfect farmhouse kitchen sink from our inventory in a variety of styles.

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