13 Gallon, 0.8 mil Drawstring tall High Density Can Liner / Trash Bags 100pc x 2pack ( 24″ x 27″ )

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13 gal Drawstring tall kitchen trash bags, 24x27inch, 0.8mil, 100 Pcs x 2 Pack



Color                                                             Clear

Size                                                               24x27

Capacity                                                       13 Gallons

Thickness                                                     0.8 mil

Recommended Uses For Product              Garbage Bags

Unit Counts                                                   200


About this item

BEST BAG TO CLEAN THE TRASH: This trash bag is 24" x 27" dimension and 0.8 mic which is enough to do the job made with the best material and reliable construction that no other bag is ever made with high-density resin and multiple area usages this trash bag is enough for all your disposal challenges.

SEALED CONSTRUCTION: The star sealed construction of this Trash bag is specially made that eliminates all messes and spills also the sealing makes it safe for the environment

HIGH DENSITY RESIGN: Made from the basic raw material resin and in high-density form, this can liner is a more economical alternative to a low density can liner/trash bag.

SMART DESIGN: With its smart design this clear liner bag allows you to view the contents placed inside so you can easily see whether they are recyclable It is also able to easily be tied and carried for convenient and clean removal.

WIDE USAGE: This clear liner has wide usage and can be used conveniently almost everywhere including restrooms, offices, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, or outdoor recreation centers!




We put hard struggle when preparing our trash bags designed with the economical 13-gallon clear trash bag is the just solution to all your waste management duties and needs. This can liner is perfect to be used for bars, catered events, and kitchens. It gives all the benefits of a low traditional liner. with its environmental-friendly features so you can save your money and your environment. It is time to go smart and green. For added durability, this trash bag features a star-sealed bottom. The most common seal in the industry, star seals are manufactured by folding the bottom of the trash can liner over several times and then sealing it. This allows the liner to conform to the shape of the trash can, virtually eliminating leaks.