3-Tier Small Round End Table with Fabric Storage

Product Name 3-Tier Small Round End Table with Fabric Storage
Main Color Black
Main Material MDF
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About This Item

Home Use:
One nightstand table meets allsatisfactions, no matter you want nightstand, side table, bedside table, sofa table, lamp tables,decorative displays tables, laptop workstation or sofa side table, and pet bedfor small dogs, just need only one mobile table.
Roll it to the balcony for an aromaticmorning coffee, Work in a relax music, read books in the sofa, it all dependson you and the table will go with you everywhere.
Open Storage Design, Easy to Find ItemsYou Want:
On the nightstand top, you need just enoughspace to hold a small table lamp and perhaps a book or phone, so you don’treally need too much surface area! This table is sized perfectly to fit to ourCarlton Bedroom or Living Room collections.
The basket gives you private storage space,while the open shelf comes with generous room for your snacks, newspapers,magazines, books or pieces of art, even the pet bed.
You can easily find what you want andwithin reach.
In a kids room, having your child’sfavorite bedtime books within arm's reach can make bedtime a little easier.Adding a little storage to the nightstand can be a boon for a kids’ room.
Open bin storage is especiallykid-friendly, because even young children can help tidy up.
This wide nightstand has plenty of storagethat your child can easily access, and the versatile grey can add a friendlyvibe to the room. The bin is perfect for a few books or stuffed animals thatyour child wants to keep right next to them at nighttime.