Round LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with High Lumen+Anti-Fog Separately Control+Dimmer Function

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DESCRIPTION: The Lottare Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror is the most is the best choice when it comes to living a more luxurious life with its Lumen + Anti-fog features with separately controlled Dimmer functions it is the best add to your bathroom and no-doubt the best mirror on the market for your home decor and with the brightest flash power out there it definitely beats them all


  • Load-bearing test: 4 times the load-bearing test to ensure safety.
  • Installation: More convenient and safer by using the latest Z-bar to avoid shaking and falling off.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Mounting: It can be mounted vertically or horizontally to create unexpected effects by combining multiple mirrors.
  • More brightness and less energy: 19W LED light strip is up to 1710LM for more efficient energy-saving and higher brightness.


  1. Front-lighting
  2. 5000K color temperature
  3. 200*200mm defogging area
  4. Brightness adjustable and memory function available
  5. One-touch button
  6. Mail order packaging
  7. Item/Mirror size Diameter 24", thickness 1.1", display weight: 11 lbs

Additional information

Weight 16.09 lbs
Dimensions 28.35 × 28.15 × 3.74 in